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This I Believe: We Need Each Other

This I Believe: We Need Each Other


Friday, January 22, 2016


Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times and a sibling is born for those moments of trouble.

Please allow me a very personal moment this morning.  January 13th – 20th I had the privilege of visiting a part of the world I never imagined I would see, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.  Now, you know me, I am not the paragon of physical fitness.  Still, I wanted deeply to climb the ancient volcanoes of Espanola, and to make my way over volcanic rocks to see the hidden shores of Floreana.  But I knew I could not manage it alone.  And then a village of angels showed up.  My guide, Sabina gave me her walking stick.  Two young men, both born and raised in Barrington, Collier and Tyler, literally let me lean on their shoulders coming down the mountains.  And my sister, the Rev. Jeanne Hanson, encouraged me all along the way.  And I did it.  I saw the wonders of God’s creation and I challenged my body and my limits (and I made it home).


The writer of the Proverbs reminds us, we need each other.  We need friends who love and encourage us.  We need siblings (of the heart or of DNA) when we find ourselves in moments of trouble.  We need community to strengthen, support, tickle and pray for us.  How blessed I was to find that community all around me during my trip.  How blessed I am to know that we have community among the souls who gather at CCB.  This day, drop a note to that family member or friend who supports, loves, or challenges you.  And, if God has taken that soul home, look up to the clouds and thank God for his or her presence in your life and still, in your heart.