407 South Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL

Ambassadors & Greeters

Thank you so much for your willingness to serve by making visitors welcome at Community Church. You’ve been asked to participate in the Ambassadors Program because of your warm, caring nature and your welcoming spirit! Following are a few tips to remember:

Please plan on arriving at church at least 20 minutes prior to the start of service. Make sure to take a breath mint (located on the table next to the grandfather clock), put on your CCB name tag, and familiarize yourself with the Sunday bulletin for that day.

It would be ideal if you could mingle among the people gathered in the Narthex.  Look for unfamiliar faces and make eye contact. Then walk over and, with your best smile, say “Good Morning!”

Some easy openers are: “I don’t believe we’ve met before, I’m…” or, “I’m _______, are you visiting Community Church this morning?”

People will tell you right away if they are visiting or a guest of someone. If they are first-time visitors, you could follow with “What brings you to Community Church today?” Usually they will start talking and you can just have a regular conversation from that point.

Ask some basic questions: Are they new to the area, or do they live nearby? If they tell you where they live, that’s great. Keep that in mind when introducing them to others who might be from the same neighborhood or town.

Ask more questions. It’s not about being intrusive. It’s expressing a desire to get to know them because you want to help them feel connected in some way. If you can, find out if they have any special interest: music, travel, hobbies, etc. Then try to introduce them to a member(s) who might have similar interests.

Show them the worship bulletin, explain our Order of Service and ask them if they have any questions.

Encourage them to fill out an Information Card located in the pew baskets. Pastor Zina will be able to send them a follow-up letter if we have their home address.

After talking with them, jot down their names, addresses, or anything else you can remember about them and give the information to a member of the Membership Development Committee after the service.

After the service, try to reconnect with them.  Offer to show them into the Fellowship Hall for refreshments. If they can’t stay, make sure they receive a Welcome Packet (located in the top drawer of the table next to the grandfather clock in the Narthex) that includes information on upcoming church events, etc. Tell them you hope to see them again!

Congratulations! Because of your hospitality and kindness, you may have made a first-time visitor feel connected to Community Church. You’ve undoubtedly brightened their day and hopefully had a part in getting the word out about what an awesome church we have at the corner of Lincoln and Grove!