407 South Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL

Our History

Orginal-churchThe Community Church of Barrington has been serving the Barrington area since 1847.

Age has its privileges.  Community Church is the oldest church in Barrington.  We were here when our nation abolished slavery,  We were here as the prairie was settled.  We were here when light bulbs were patented.  We were here through war and peace, through times of plenty and times of want.  We have seen it all and we have weathered it.  

Now, as I look out across this historic congregation I see the wisdom of the old and the vision of the young.  I hear of new ways, based on solid foundations, to make a difference.  I experience the traditional ways of worship filled with the voices of our young.  I see a community that can architect the future because of its history.  Age has its privileges and youth its vigor.  Community Church has enough of both to make a difference in the lives of those who gather here and to make a difference in the world.  

See some old photos of Our History below.