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An acolyte is a person specially trained to participate in worship by bringing in the light of Christ. You have been chosen to be the one to hold the light of Christ and to share it with all of the gathered people. This makes you VERY, VERY SPECIAL!


The word acolyte means “follower” or “attendant” and specifically applies to one who carries a torch or candle in processions.


Basic description and duties:

The acolyte (torch bearer/candle bearer) is a server who carries a candle or a torch. Your responsibilities on Sunday morning include the following:

Arrive at church at least 15 minutes before worship (10:15 September – early June and 9:45 mid June through the Labor Day weekend).

Go to the main office of the church and look in the closet. There you will find your acolyte robe and rope belt.

After dressing, please go stand near the Sanctuary doors.

One of the ushers will help you with the candle lighter. Ask the usher to be sure there is enough wick to light the candles.

At the proper time (and an usher will tell you when), Pastor Zina or the one leading worship, will come out and greet you.

Remember to hold the candle lighter with both hands with the bell pointed down and the wick up.  An usher will then light your candle lighter and you will walk in.

You will lead the pastor down the aisle as the congregation sings, then you will walk into the chancel (the area between the choir pews) and light the candles on the communion table. Remember, lighting the candles is like drawing open the drapes before a party.

After you light the candle, you will extinguish your flame by withdrawing the wick into the candle lighter, and then walk back down the aisle and out of the Sanctuary.

Immediately go and hang up your acolyte robe and return to worship.

We are so grateful that you have chosen to take part in worship. Nothing is more important that the light of Christ shining among us so, when you walk in bringing that light, know that Christ is smiling at you and we are blessed to have your leadership among us. Thank you for being a willing and marvelous acolyte.