407 South Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL

Our Council

What rings through the history of the Community Church of Barrington is the willingness to be different, to take risks, and the importance of relationships, friendships, support and love.  

Within that context, the Church Council sets policies and directions for our Congregation and sees to the implementation of those policies and directions.  The voting members of the Church Council are the officers of our Congregation, i.e., the Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Church Clerk and Treasurer; the Chairs of the Christian Education, Congregational Life, Deacons, Finance, Membership Development, Mission and Outreach, Music and Worship Planning, Properties and Personnel and Stewardship Committees; the President of the Women’s Fellowship and 2 members at large. The Pastor and other professional staff are non-voting members.

Below is a complete list of our council members.


Moderator, Jayne Majzan

Assistant Moderator, Peer Lykke

Treasurer, Bill Akerstrom

ABC Metro Chicago Representative (Chair), Alayne McNulty

Clerk, Clarke Robinson

Christian Education (Co-Chairs), Karen Palomo & Sharon Hornig

Congregational Life (Chair), Jackie Phinney

Deacons (Chair), Ted Newman

Finance (Chair), Bill Akerstrom

Membership Development (Chair), Cindy Alton

Mission & Outreach (Chair), Edi Norman

Music and Worship (Chair), Bill Akerstrom

Properties & Personnel (Chair), David Phinney

Stewardship (Chair), Peer Lykke

At Large Member, Glee Huddlestun

At Large Member, Nicole Powers

Pastoral Relations Committee (Chair), Margaret Akerstrom