407 South Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL

College Youth Ministry

We focus on topics relevant to this age of transition into adulthood.

Our College Youth ministry program provides opportunities for both students that are away at college and those that are local.  Because of the flexibility needed to schedule events and meetings, we have intentionally designed the curriculum to be flexible so that it can be adapted to those that are able to meet when it works for them. 

We focus on topics relevant to this age of transition into adulthood.  The goal is to provide a foundation for healthy dialogue.  It’s about empowering the young adult in transition to know their place in God’s design with wisdom, sensitivity,  and challenge, and giving them real-life hands-on practice for life applications.

There are over 50 million people between the ages of 18 – 35 in the U.S. with energy, ideas, creativity, and passion. It is a priority of Christian Education at CCB to empower this generation to use their gifts for the benefit of others and the purposes of God. We believe there is a dynamic opportunity regardless of time or location. It is our goal to provide the resources necessary to unlock this potential in their life, church, and community.

Youth Group Meeting Time

College youth meet on an agreed upon day when they are in town and meet casually once or twice a month for local students.