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407 South Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL

Youth Group

Youth Ministries – we want youth at CCB to know God and understand who He made them to be.  As part of our community, our goal is to develop hearts of compassion and justice to serve others. 

We seek to help youth live the best kind of lives for God, so we meet to worship, interact with teachings, serve our community, develop authentic lasting relationships, hang out and participate in life together.

Being a youth in today’s culture is tough.  Peer pressure, schoolwork, busy schedules, and difficult decisions are enough to stress youth out.  Our Youth Ministry is a place where youth can experience acceptance and authentic community led by people who genuinely care about them.

We’re not into “playing church” we ARE the church.  We discuss tough issues head-on; we encourage our youth to share their pain, doubts and fears as well as their successes, victories and life-change stories as they grow in their faith.  We are committed to walking alongside our youth as they are challenged to live life with a passion for God, selfishly and with a sense of purpose.

Call to learn more about our Youth Group Ministry.

Youth Group Meeting Time

The Sr. High Youth Group, “Revolution”, meets Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m. (Freshmen to Senior youth)

The Jr. High Youth Group (grades 6-8) meets once monthly on Sundays from 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Recent Youth Group Accomplishments

2014 – 2015

  1. Had an amazing out of state, week long mission trip to Red Bird, Kentucky and another amazing week long mission trip to Puerto Rico.
  2. Began a leadership development/mentoring program for the Sr. High youth.
  3. Continued to increase activities of the youth in Worship through speaking, singing and Worship activities. (Youth Sunday- Mission Trip Sunday, regular Sundays, The Lord’s Prayer, musical instruments, etc.) Finding and using their gifts.
  4. The added curriculum GROW began for the Nursery and Toddler group.
  5. Developed, wrote curriculum, and started a new group for the 7th and 8th grade girls called The JEWELS led by Dr. Sami and the CE co-chairs. Meetings are held once a month.
  6. Team building activities.
  7. & Sr. High Sunday School led by Dr. Sami with her own written curriculum which extends worship topics to everyday life. Movies were added to the mix this past year.
  8. High is more active in planning activities and fundraising and worship segments.
  9. Adult Education focusing on needs and growth for congregation. Adult Sunday School continues to grow.  They stretched themselves into new directions- come and see what you can share and learn on Sunday mornings in the Adult Sunday School Room.
  10. We used new forms of Worship activities to utilize the gifts and talents of our youth for their Sunday and holiday participation
  11. Began new Spiritual/leadership retreat held at Stronghold Camp in May.
  12. Intergenerational outing to Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg in October.
  13. Christmas Pageant completed, ‘The Small One’.
  14. Continued with the GROW curriculum for our Sunday School middle school and elementary age youth.
  15. Began meeting and planning events with those in college who wish to be connected when they are home from school to ensure connectivity to their church and to God and to give them the support they need as they go through this time of life transition.
  16. We had our special Bring a Friend to Church Sunday.
  17. Special holiday activities for the Senior High youth and College youth were held.
  18. Sami started a youth Bible Study group and this includes books and movies.
  19. Youth have participated in making plastic mats for the homeless.
  20. Hosted a college care package packing night for Valentine goodies for our college kids for finals encouragement. Heard back from 13 of the 16 which is a great response!
  21. Held a Spring/St. Patrick’s Day bake sale fundraiser.


Meet Dr. Sami El-Yasir

Christian Educator

Dr Sami has participated in and led mission trips and mission initiatives to various places around the world. She sees ministry not as a career but as a calling and a privilege and she loves and sees God as an integrated part of her life and daily living.

Mission Trips

The youth of the Community Church of Barrington are committed to be a church that puts into action the saying ‘walk the talk’. 


We hold Leadership and Team building retreats for our youth who are hungering for an experience with God in a deep authentic way.