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Lenten Devotion — Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Lenten Devotion — Wednesday, April 3, 2019

“What can I say the kingdom of God is like?  It is like the yeast which a woman took and covered up in three measures of flour until the whole lot had risen.”

Luke 13:20-21
I had an Aunt, her name was Quincetta.  She was my mom’s sister and we called her Aunt Quincy.  She made the best homemade dinner rolls EVER.  And her cinnamon rolls were worth their weight in anything that is precious to you.  
Once, as I was helping her, she described the power of the little packet of Fleischman’s yeast she was adding to water.  She told me it would help double and triple the size of her little ball of dough.  Well, as you might imagine, the telephone rang and she moved away from the kitchen counter.  Quick as a flash, I added another packet of yeast, which I deftly pulled from the cabinet.  If a small portion yeast doubled the batch, well you can see how my 7 year old mind worked.  And, if you are a baker, you know I ruined the whole thing.  No rolls for anyone that night.
All we needed was a little bit of yeast.  All we need is a bit of God’s power and love, a bit of God’s kingdom to change the world.  Beloved, as we move into the world, to share the love of God, to tell the story of salvation, we need not seek to overpower, to add too much yeast.  God works through small and simple applications.  Take your story of God’s love, of God’s saving grace, and apply it, and share it, a bit at a time and watch what God does with your bit of yeast.

PRAYER:  God, you have given us each something to share.  Sometimes it seems so small.  But you tell us through these red words, you can do MUCH with just a little bit of yeast.  Help us to share what we have for the good and the glory of your Kingdom no matter how large or small.



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