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Lenten Devotion — Thursday, April 5, 2019 Guest Author Samira El- Yasir

“Behold I stand at the door and knock.”  Revelation 3:20 

In Germany, at age 4, I was staying with some family.  I awoke in the night and I saw a 3 x 5 metal piece hung by a string on the wall.  It was a glow in the dark outline of Jesus knocking at a door.  I remembered thinking, at the time, how cool is that.  I was not sure if I thought it was cool because it glowed or because of the picture.  
It was when I got older that I learned the significance of the image and the absence of an outer doorknob.  The absence of the doorknob taught me that I had a choice.  I could open the door for Him, or leave him standing outside the door.  I learned that the friendly face on the other side wanted to have an intimate relationship with me, but he would wait until I was ready.  He would let me decide when to turn the knob and open the door to my heart.  My choice!  My time! 

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, thank you for being patient with me and loving me so much that you waited till my heart was ready.  Thank you for giving me the choice to be in your presence and part of your kingdom.  May my heart always be in tune to your blessings and guidance.  Amen



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