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A Sure Foundation 11-2-15

A Sure Foundation 11-2-15

I do choose.  Be made clean.  Mark 1:41

The Gospel of Mark is filled with action upon action.  No long sermons or extensive dialogues can be found in this book.  Jesus travels through the verses of Mark with breakneck speed, always engaged and always moving.  In the first chapter alone he meets his cousin (John the Baptist), is baptized and tempted, calls four fishermen, heals many people and preaches in Galilee. Then in the 41st verse of the 1st chapter, Jesus meets a man with leprosy who says to him, “If you choose, you can make me well.”  Jesus responds as noted above. 


In the midst of furious activity Jesus is present to the man with leprosy.  He chooses to offer him healing and wholeness, vibrancy and return to community.  And the man joyously accepts Jesus’ offer.  Throughout the red letters, Jesus offer those who encounter him many good things.  This week, we will consider just a few of the things Jesus chooses to offer us, and I will ask whether we will accept or not.  May we choose well.



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