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A Sure Foundation 11-3-15

A Sure Foundation 11-3-15

I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.  John 10:10


Abundance:  more than enough, measured as over the top, existing in large quantities.  Is Jesus preaching a prosperity gospel here?  Some would say yes.  But if you read the first 21 verses of John 10, you will see that Jesus uses the term abundance in the midst of a story about sheep, thieves, gates, doors and shepherds.  He tells those gathered around him that if they know and follow him, they will go in and out freely and know the blessing of safety. 


The abundance about which Jesus speaks is an abundance of something that encompasses the idea of safety, but goes far beyond.  Jesus speaks about an abundance of Shalom.  Shalom is no simple absence of conflict.  It means completeness, safety, soundness, welfare, health, quiet, tranquility and contentment.  This is what Jesus brings, an abundance of Shalom.  If you had an abundance of completeness, safety, soundness, welfare, health, quiet, tranquility and contentment how would your life be different?  What would you not do that you are doing now?  You and I are invited to choose abundance, an abundance of Shalom.  Thank you God for the gift of choice.  May we choose well.




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