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Laws of Heaven vs Earth Regarding Giving

Laws of Heaven vs Earth Regarding Giving

Proverbs 11:24

“One person gives freely, yet gains even more. Another person withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.”


The laws of heaven do not resemble the laws of our modern day culture. In God’s economy if you do not share you will come to ruin. In heaven if you share freely you will be given more and you will always have enough.

On earth, though sharing is taught early in life, by the time we are adults we share most often when it benefits us, or when we judge that the one with whom we share is worthy to receive.

What if we were to become, during the season of Lent, glad sharers? What if we were to try out the lesson taught in this Proverb and

  • seek out new places to share our resources
  • see how that shifts and changes not the ones to whom we give but, our own hearts?

May we be the ones who give freely and may our gain be to God’s glory.


Prayer: God who gives to each of us more than we can ask, think or imagine; God who gives freely and with joy; make of us gracious, generous givers in your image, for your glory, in your name. Amen.

Practice: Over the next 24 hours keep your eyes and heart open to an opportunity to give someone something they did not expect to receive. Give it without expectation to receive and give it as a blessing from God.