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Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.
Luke 23:46

It is over!  It is over!  His body lies in a borrowed tomb.  His disciples are scattered, shivering from something other than cold.  It is over!  How could this be?  He promised the Son of Man would forever reign and now, only sorrow and tears rain down.  

It is over!  

Is it over?

The words Jesus uttered in this word are drawn from the 31st Psalm.  In that hymn of Israel the Psalmist tells of his fear, his enemies, his pain, his death and he utters these words, Into thy hands I commend my spirit.  But the Psalmist does not stop there.  He goes on to declare God’s goodness, God’s faithfulness, God’s willingness to save.

Jesus quotes this Psalm because the question, so real to the disciples on this Saturday, is it over, has an answer so powerful . . . .   Well, today, the question still rings, but soon beloved of God, soon.  

PRAYER:  God give us the power to live with the question, ”is it over?”   just a little while longer.



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