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A Sure Foundation 10-26-15

A Sure Foundation 10-26-15

“It is not the fit and flourishing who need the doctor, but those who are ill. I did not come to invite the ‘righteous’, but the ‘sinners’.” Mark 2:17

Sometimes people believe they must be “all cleaned up” before they come to Christ, before they come to church.  NOTHING is farther from the truth.  In fact, Jesus tells us he did not come for those who are “well” or righteous.  Instead, he came for those who were unwell and sinners. 


Beloved, each of us has walked in places we would rather forget, thought or spoken that which now seems unthinkable, or simply felt unworthy of God’s love.  Each of us has been in need of someone who would come for us to help and guide us.  The one we call Jesus continues to come for each of us, to walk with us, to love us, and to bring us into fullness and wholeness.  May we know Christ’s healing presence and may we be made well.



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