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Mission Trip: RedBird 2013


In the summer of 2013, we embarked on our first all-church, inter-generational mission trip.  Over 30 youth and adults traveled to serve the Beverly, Kentucky area.  The challenges of youth and adults sharing a short-term mission trip were minimized as new-found respect was developed as the projects unfolded each day with our residents. Our residents, the locals, taught us much about tolerance, fairness and love of God.

With multiple groups we were able to serve many families in need of assistance.

Here are some highlights:

  • We were able to build more bridges and create more relationships both among ourselves and with the local people.
  • This inter-generational Mission Trip helped us move away from a definition of mission trips as “something the youth do” to something the entire church is involved in. We are a church with a Missions Heart.
  • Teens and adults created new connections and have a bond that will last a lifetime. The “memorable moments” will never end.
  • Our youth are integrated into the life of the church body as a whole and it keeps us from building silos.
  • The energy and passion expended and gained from that time in the mountains has strengthened our CCB relationships with each other, regardless of age, and with our God.

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