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March 23, Saturday’s Lenten Devotion

March 23, Saturday’s Lenten Devotion

He makes the sun rise on both good and bad people. And he sends rain for the ones who do right and for the ones who do wrong. Matthew 5:45

Really Jesus?   Why can’t you treat the good people well and the bad people with the vengeance they deserve.  Why not let the sun shine on the righteous and the rain fall on the crops of those who stand in right relationship with you?  What is all of this about blessing “them”?!?!?!  Really Jesus!Oh, ummmm, JC are you saying that if you judged the world by who deserves your blessings would be left in the shadows and mighty dry?  Ummmm, ok, never mind, I take it all back.Beloved, it is so easy to look around at our lives and the world and see the bad habits and sinful ways of others.  But, my mother taught me, the moment I point my finger at you, three fingers on that same hand are pointing right back and me.  
I am not perfect.  I have no ability to title someone as “them”.  I am “them” and need both your grace and mercy, Lord.  Thank you God that you are not a withholding God, but a God who is rich in mercy and generous with your love.  Thank you God, for the sunshine and the rain, even for me.

PRAYER:  Lord, let us not spend our time judging others but living as you call us to live.  Thank you for grace.  Amen. 



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