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Lenten Devotion — Friday, March 8th

Lenten Devotion — Friday, March 8th

You did not choose me, but I chose you.
John 15:16a
As a child, I remember being one of the last persons chosen for sports teams.  I was not very athletic.  It stung to be left behind.  But now I know I am the one Jesus chooses.  He chooses me, and you because he knows who we are and he values our role in the Kingdom.  He knows we are beautiful souls, and he would not put together a team without us.  That’s amazing and, according to the Gospel of John, it is true.  Imagine, beloved, Jesus standing in front of you, eyes sparkling, smile kind, saying, I choose you!
Prayer:  Gracious God, I thank you for seeing me, for loving me, and for choosing me.  Bless me now as I seek to serve you and your creation.


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