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Lenten Devotion — Friday, April 6, 2019 Guest author Alayne McNulty

Lenten Devotion — Friday, April 6, 2019 Guest author Alayne McNulty

Jesus asked the twelve, “Do you also wish to go away?”John 6:67 NRSV

Other disciples had just stopped following Jesus. Jesus’s message or better, the carrying out of His message was and is quite challenging. It can be easier to hold to your own opinions, take care of your own needs, and go on your own way. To follow Jesus is not merely a passive assent to His ideals. So, when Jesus asked, “Do you want to leave too?” it was way more than a question to gain information or even to beg them to stay. Jesus’s question touches on very real feelings that can be present even in the most faithful of followers. I may not really like what’s going on at the moment = work, growth, or sacrifice may be required. If I only squelch the feeling of difficulty and endure without assessing “Is it worth it?” then I could wear out. When asked, the disciples could purposefully decide. “To whom else would we go?” When we decide, then we are more intentional about our lives, not going through the motions, but committed to the path. These moments to recognize the pain or difficulty, and see the value, provide the strength to carry on. Jesus never promised it would be easy, but if we stay with Him, then He is there with us, and His questions can keep us on His good path.

PRAYER:  Dear God, thank you for caring that we come to you with our whole being and for your presence with our feelings when the way gets tough.  Enable us to be real and recognize that we want to stay with you and know the very words of eternal life that you give. We believe and know that You are the Holy One of God.



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