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Lenten Devotion — Friday, April 12

Lenten Devotion — Friday, April 12

And while he was still saying this, a woman in the crowd called out and said, “Oh, what a blessing for a woman to have brought you into the world and nursed you!”  But Jesus replied, “Yes, but a far greater blessing is to hear the word of God and obey it.”   Luke 11:27-28

Obedience is not a word anyone likes.  To be obedient requires that we use our power to bow to another’s dictates and way.  To be obedient is to submit to the plans of another and surrender some of your precious freedoms.  We do not like the word obey.  But Jesus reminds us our greatest blessings wait for us as we obey God.  Are we willing?  Are you willing?  Am I?  Will we obey God?  Will we surrender to the ways of God?  It is not always easy.  But God knows that.  He sends us the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us and to correct us, all the while the Spirit loves us.  

PRAYER:  God, we are human beings with free will.  Help us transform our will so that its contours fit your word to us and we are found within your will.  Help us to be joyful as we obey.



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