Worship Sundays at 10:00 am

Christian Educator, Dr. Samira El-Yasir

The Community Church also takes great pride in having as its Christian Educator, Dr. Samira El-Yasir, who has been on staff since July, 2010. Her Doctorate in Christian Counseling and Philosophy was awarded through partnerships of the N.C.C.A, Family Life Theological Seminary and Fellowship of Christ International.   “Dr. Sami” also completed her Master’s Degree in Human Resources (Webster International University), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Trinity International College).

Dr. Sami holds additional certifications in the field of counseling, and they include the following: Death and Grief; Substance Abuse and Addiction; Group Therapy; Integrated Marriage and Family; Child and Adolescent; and Domestic Violence and Intervention Therapies. She holds an Advanced Clinical Certification in Pastoral Counseling and Temperament Counseling through the National Christian Counseling Association.

Prior to her arrival at CCB, Dr. Sami worked in management and leadership roles in multiple areas in ministry, in the corporate environment and in the hospitality industry. She has led and participated in mission trips to various places around the world. Her work includes time spent in a variety of occupied territories. She has worked in various Christian education initiatives, and led retreats and training programs for diverse age-groups.

Her main aspiration is to create safe places and educational opportunities for all children and youth, both here and abroad. She loves the focus she now has with the youth and children at CCB where all can share in learning life lessons from each other.

Youth Ministries


Mission Trips

The youth of the Community Church of Barrington are committed to be a church that puts into action the saying ‘walk the talk’. 

Toddler and Infants Nursery

Our Toddler and Infants Nursery is designed and equipped to minister to children from Birth to 5 years of age. 

Elementary & Middle School

Our Children’s Ministry is set up so that the children learn basic Bible teachings in a manner that is relevant for their age.

High School Youth Group

We want youth at CCB to know God and understand who He made them to be.  Our goal is to develop hearts of compassion.


We have the opportunity of ministering to young adults that are away at college and others that are local.