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A Sure Foundation 12-22-15

A Sure Foundation 12-22-15

Matthew 8:26
O you of little faith.  

Oh dear!  I am sure you know this story.  Jesus is at sea with His disciples and a storm rises up. The disciples turn to a sleeping Jesus, wake Him, and make their distress perfectly known.  The Master of sea and sky looks at them and says, in essence, “Guys, I am here.  It’s going to be OK. Where’s your faith?”  
As we sit nearing the end of 2015, as we look around the world, we feel a deep need to wake Jesus up and to make our distress, whether personal or for the world, known.  Just as He did in that boat, the one who loves us, hears us, and says, “I am here.  Don’t worry, I will hold all things together.” 
May we have enough faith to trust our way through the storms around us, recognizing Emmanuel, Jesus, God with us, is here.




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