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A Sure Foundation 12-18-15

A Sure Foundation 12-18-15

Luke 5:4

Push out now into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.


Are you serious, Jesus?  Go out into the middle of that large, cold, lake and try fishing again?   You cannot be serious!


When the disciples hear Jesus speak these words, they have just returned from a fruitless night of fishing.  They are tired, frustrated and probably hungry.  Out of nowhere, this man, this Jesus, says “Well boys, I know it did not work last night, but try it again, why don’t you.  Risk again leaving the shore, and push out into the deep.  Try it.”

So often we try something and it does not work, and we will not try it again.  But success is not found often on the first go ‘round.  It is not gained without trial and error and even a dose or two of failure.

Beloved, push out into the deep, prayerfully, and trust; trust that God is guiding you and holding your ship afloat, even if the sea gets rocky and the waves rise up.  Prayerfully push out, and remember that no one discovers new oceans or new lands until, and unless, he or she has the courage to push out and lose sight of the shore.  Push out and know there is much to be gained.