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A Sure Foundation 12-15-15

A Sure Foundation 12-15-15

Matthew 7:21

It is not everyone who keeps saying to me ‘Lord, Lord’ who will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but the one who actually does my Heavenly Father’s will.


Actions speak louder than words.  I bet you’ve heard this before.


Our actions become our personal lexicon and “speak” volumes regarding who we are and what we believe.  Recently, one among you sent me a story about a man whose actions, behind the wheel of his car, “said” he was an angry, aggressive person.  However, his bumper stickers carried Christian messages of love, gentleness, peace and kindness.  The story goes on to say a police officer, observing his driving behavior, pulls him over and arrests him.   When he asks why he is being detained, the police office tells him she believes he has stolen the car.  Furious, the man produces proof of ownership and demands to know why the officer thought the car stolen!    The officer tells the man his actions did not match the language of his bumper stickers, and hence, the police officer thought the car could not have belonged to him.


Beloved, no matter who we “say” we are, our actions offer a telling story!  So, here’s an experiment for today.  Select one or two words that you believe describe the “essential you”.  Got them?  Good.  Now, during the day, pause to see if your actions match your descriptive words.    My prayer is that you and I may actually behave as children of our God, and in so doing, may we do the will of God and bless the world.