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A Sure Foundation 11-5-15

A Sure Foundation 11-5-15

Come apart into a deserted place, and rest awhile.  Mark 6:31

Whew!!!!  It is exhausting to read the 6th chapter of Mark.  First, right off the bat, Jesus is rejected in his home town.  Then, he musters enough energy to send out the twelve disciples and they have a very successful time healing the sick and casting out demons.  Next, John the Baptist meets his end and then the disciples return to tell of their success.  Everyone is running all over the place and I bet they are exhausted.  They have worked hard.  But Jesus hits the pause button.  No, he hits the STOP button.  Though there is clearly more work to do, in the midst of their mission field, Jesus says to the disciples, come away, rest. 


Each who engage in the work of the Kingdom, each who seek to serve the ethic of love and holiness (set apart for God) that is Jesus’ message must rest.  Jesus knew the disciples were human and he knows we are too.  Beloved, take some time and rest.  God loves you more than anything you can do.  So take care of you.  Rest.  What will you choose?  May we choose well.



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