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A Sure Foundation 11-30-15

A Sure Foundation 11-30-15

Luke 17:21  
The kingdom of God never comes by watching for it. Men cannot say, ‘Look, here it is’, or ‘there it is’, for the kingdom of God is inside you.

Beloved, imagine a beautiful container holding something so precious it has no price, cannot be bought, and is entrusted only to those who are chosen worthy to receive such a gift.  What does the container look like?  What does it contain?
By now you know where this meditation is headed.  The Kingdom of God — the power of increase, the power of shelter, the power of nourishment and the inestimable beauty of it all — is the precious gift.  And, it is inside of you.  You are the chosen one, the chosen vessel, containing this gift.  May you (and I) carry this gift into the world, and may we, during this season of Advent, bring light into all of the places we go.




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