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A Sure Foundation 11-25-15

A Sure Foundation 11-25-15

John 1:39

Come and see.

In the early verses of the Gospel of John, some of the soon-to-be-named disciples come upon Jesus and ask him, of all things, Where do you live?  Why do they need to know where Jesus lives?  Of all the things to ask the Son of God, ‘what’s your address’ is not at the top of my list . . . .

Except, where one lives says something about one’s community, status and power.  Maybe the would-be disciples were trying to determine whether or not they wanted to follow this guy.

To their odd question, Jesus responds, Come and see.  Brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!  Jesus invites this group to see with their own eyes and experience, for themselves, the answer to whatever question they were, in reality, asking.  He invited them to observe, think, and then decide for themselves what they would do with what they learned.


And the same Jesus invites us to do the same today.  Just come and see, and then act on what you see.  However, here’s the catch.  The invitation to come and see invites people to observe the church.  When they look at us, what do they see?  May we live and be the church in such a way that those who come might be encouraged to stay.