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A Sure Foundation 11-14-15

A Sure Foundation 11-14-15

The words from the Gospel of Luke, though not in red letters, seem so appropriate this morning.
In the 19th chapter of Luke, Jesus approaches Jerusalem, looks out over the city and weeps. The word Jerusalem means, ‘place where we teach peace’.  Jesus knew that there was little peace in the heart of that ancient city, then or now.  He knew they would not welcome Him as the one who could bring peace, and so He wept.

If Jesus were on earth today, He would weep, and He would work even harder to bring peace.
But Beloved, Jesus is on earth today!  The Spirit of the Living God is within each of us.  And so, this morning, as we listen to the news from another ancient city, Paris, we weep and we, you and I, must not stop praying or working to bring peace.
This morning, and tomorrow after worship, Community Church will have the opportunity to learn about an Islam that does not bomb, that does not murder, but that offers peace and a hand extended. We will have the opportunity to work for peace and to pray as we share in this workshop on Islam.
This day, as our hearts break for those in Paris, may we resolve, through our tears to be a people of peace. Blessed Are the Peacemakers.




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