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A Sure Foundation 10-20-15

A Sure Foundation 10-20-15

LUKE 13:20-21
“What can I say the kingdom of God is like? It is like the yeast which a woman took and covered up in three measures of flour until the whole lot had risen.”

I’m no baker or chemist, but I know that yeast metabolizes the sugars in dough and forms tiny pockets of gas throughout. The gas can’t escape because of the elastic gluten in the flour, so the pockets of gas stay in the dough. As the heat of the oven acts on the dough, the gas expands and those tiny pockets of air make the bread light, fluffy and delicious.

Everybody listening to Jesus would have gotten His point. He wanted them to know that just a little bit of the Kingdom of God, just a little bit of its love and justice, peace and grace, hope and forgiveness, added to small hard lumps of life can make a great and positive difference.

May we be representatives of the Kingdom of God, and may even a little of our time, prayer, and work make life a bit more delicious for all who come near.