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A Sure Foundation 10-19-15

A Sure Foundation 10-19-15

MARK 6:4
“No prophet goes unhonored – except in his native town or with his own relations or in his own home!”

Don’t tell me Jesus hasn’t a sense of humor. Here He is in His home town. He goes to the synagogue where they knew Him as a boy, and he preaches quite the sermon. But instead of cheering Him on, the people question His parentage and His gifts.

Sometimes familiarity does breed contempt. Yet, even when those whom we hope will support us don’t, we must carry on and remain steadfast in the tasks God has given us, and in our gifts. And I do believe Jesus looked around the room and said, “O God (and he really meant it), help them”. I suspect He prayed for them just as He prays for us when we doubt His word and His way. May we, when we receive no honor, pray for those who do not see us as God sees us – gifted, called and sent.



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