407 South Grove Avenue, Barrington, IL

Are You In?

Are You In?

Have you seen these around town?  Wonder what it’s all about?  Well, we wonder if you are “in”. Are you . . .

Inquisitive and seem to have more questions than answers?

Intelligent and do not want to leave your mind at the door of the church?

 Interested in finding a way to deepen your own faith?

Invested in hanging out with a community of people who do not pretend?

Inspired by learning and growing?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we want you to come on in to the Community Church of Barrington.  We are a gathering of souls who are in!  We are . . .

Inquisitive and we have found a faith community where we can ask our questions.

Intelligent and we bring our whole selves, mind, body and spirit, into the pursuit of our faith.

Interested in growing as individuals and engaging in the world to make a difference.

Invested not just in answers but in working together to find the best way forward.

Inspired by being a part of something authentic and genuine.

Community Church would welcome you to come on in and visit us.  We worship on Sunday at 10:30 AM.  All are welcome and we have Children’s Church and a nursery for those who have little ones to bring along.

Come on in, explore the website, and we hope to meet you soon.